Training for practitioners looking to incorporate  ‘Somatic’ aspects of Psychotherapy

Register your interest for 2025 1 year Somatic Psychotherapy Training Program

Gain foundational knowledge and experience of Somatic Psychotherapy with IOSP.  Registration is open to qualified mental health practitioners with at least 200 hrs of relevant training in counselling, psychotherapy, psychology, psychiatry, psychiatric nursing or social work. Applicants will require counselling experience in these modalities.

The Institute of Somatic Psychotherapy (IOSP) offers training and professional development for qualified practitioners looking to incorporate Somatic aspects of psychotherapy practice. IOSP training began in 2021 with the Somatic Psychotherapy Training Program. Attendants to this Program are entitled to 40 CPD points with PACFA.


Our training and professional development courses are focused on:

  • +Relational Embodied Psychotherapy (theory and practice) that facilitates shifts at a deeply felt embodied level.
  • +Experiential learning that promotes embodied learning of course participants through interactive seminars, small syndicate groups activities and readings, project work and reflective journaling.
  • +Skill development within a contemporary psychotherapeutic framework.


What is Somatic Psychotherapy?

Changes occur for individuals in psychotherapy because they are having new experiences. Psychotherapy promotes these new experiences as it explores cognitive, imaginative, emotional and interactive processes within the safety of the therapeutic relationship.

Somatic Psychotherapy extends this exploration to physical sensations, motor impulses and movement. It pays attention and attends to the non-verbal and embodied dimensions of a human being. It is this scope, attention and attentiveness that makes Somatic Psychotherapy holistic. Read more.

“Our bodies are our true homes: that within which we live, the source of joy and pain, and the expression of our inner selves. They can be our sanctuaries, or our prisons.  Ultimately, we can, through our bodies, seek to find and follow the deeper purpose and direction of our lives.”

– unknown

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About Us

The Institute of Somatic Psychotherapy (IOSP) aims to bring a new approach to Somatic Psychotherapy training to Australia.



Psychotherapist don’t ‘treat’ symptoms, they attend to people. Psychotherapists are asked to engage with the subjectivity of other people.



The following books are highly recommended reading for anyone interested in Somatic Psychotherapy.