March 2021: IOSP Somatic Psychotherapy Online Training Program

The Institute of Somatic Psychotherapy (IOSP) is delighted to offer mental health practitioners a training program in Somatic Psychotherapy that is holistic and puts the embodied relationship between client/patient and practitioner at the centre of attention.

This training intends to address those aspects of human experience that are too frequently paid insufficient attention to, or even ignored in other trainings.

8 February 2021: Working in the UK national health system as a somatic psychotherapist – without touch- a PACFA Webinar

Courtenay Young who is the main presenter for the 1 year Institute of Somatic Psychotherapy (IOSP) somatic psychotherapy training  will discuss what it’s like to have been working for the NHS in a time-restrictive non-touch and goal-oriented environment for the last 20 years.  Courtenay will outline how he collaborates with patients from a somatic psychotherapy perspective and how this differs from how he engages with clients in a clinical practice outside of the NHS.

Courtenay works from the perspective of being an embodied therapist, able to relate with patients and clients at a variety of different levels.  He promotes pragmatically: ‘what works’ for the client, as well as ‘what works’ in counselling and psychotherapy.


by Nov 23, 2020

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