We need to talk about Suicide! But are we?


Live Webinar  with Ernst Meyer”We need to talk about suicide. But are we?” 19th of Feb 2022 1-3 pm AEST (Sydney)

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  • When: 19 Feb 2022 1-3 pm
  • Where: Live Online webinar
  • Who: Ernst Meyer
  • Price: $70 including GST


According to the World Health Organization, one in 100 deaths is by suicide, and every year, more people die as a result of suicide than HIV, malaria or breast cancer – or war and homicide.

We clearly need to talk about suicide- but are we? When it comes to suicide, where is the focus of the conversation? Are we actually avoiding the conversation, as professionals, or even at a personal level? What is it that we are talking about? Who are we listening to when it comes to suicide? Who are the “experts” – suicide attempt survivors who know what it’s like to be suicidal? Or medical professionals, community leaders, politicians who belief they know?

What are our personal and professional views/beliefs/convictions/attitudes/ assumptions about those who contemplate ending their life? What informs our thinking? And how might that get in the way in clinical practice? But maybe most importantly: what actually helps?


Ernst Meyer is a PACFA Registered Clinical Psychotherapist  based in Sydney who has worked extensively with suicide attempt survivors. In this webinar he aims to

  • use first person accounts to highlight and clarify what it is like to feel suicidal
  • bring attention how first person accounts might differ from mainstream opinions about suicide
  • raise awareness that our personal and professional attitudes towards suicide affect how we approach suicide
  • offer a clinical approach that has been experienced as helpful to those in need for help